"Why do you want this job?" HOW TO ANSWER interview,

The reason is very simple, but in reality, it is also a very strong one interviewee was capable of tripping up almost impossible to remove the question of this interview. Remember, employers are hard working and stay longer because of energy and enthusiastic staff.

It is also associated with the query below you to avoid pitfalls, but as part of our interview techniques, we are difficult to answer the question: "What is the best way to come here to work."

Why is the word
There is no need to go outside to answer the following topics narrow things down a bit, so it was good:

What the company and its products / services and why he is interested in.
The company culture.
Its philosophy and mission.
His successes and the challenges that he has.
offer training and development opportunities.
For best results, choose 2-3 of the above topics and the surrounding Reply construction.

Your salary, benefits and bonuses, far from always talking about this time or money is not the place to discuss.

research studies
Of course, you need to research a company before the interview to find out information gonig. Here's a few quick methods of study are the following:

The site of the company: high-quality site of the company's mission and values, and includes information about product lines and awards. Pay special attention to the "About Us" page and the site has reviewed the press section. Then look for a Careers section, and even their website documents such as annual reports and financial statements may be required.
Social Media: eg, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media channels such as YouTube.
Search: The next step is to Google; This is in the form of articles and press releases to get useful information about the company. This information, if you compare it with the latest industry trends and the company's competitors, to understand how to help.
Networking: stretch, it is you who are affiliated with the company. "Your inner man can give you priceless information and culture may give a better idea.

If you have a good Show
as always, this issue can do for the company? less about you and more about. It was simply a perception on the organization and culture of the company, will be talking about how I envy that.

If you want to get a preliminary talk about the skills and experience to help the company move forward. What is important in relation to the company's attention. Always remember, the company will help the organization to staff, there just was not a happy man, but is becoming increasingly important.

Be specific in your price
 The total error in 100 companies that can be used for any general answer. Perhaps your research will help reveal some useful information.

Why do you want to work here, in order: 5
Here is an answer to the big question 5; They have to bear in mind templates, and depending on each company to tailor its response:

I'm connected to on LinkedIn members, we have a few things in common (for example, education or achievements may be noticed that there is). In this job I was very pleased to open and flourish in this visible.
Your company's Facebook page is very interesting; I do love with you from time to time about the industry.
Although known for high quality products company, and also carries out charitable activities within the community. These are genuinely cared for people and he wants to give something back.
I have read the certificates to their employees who enjoy working here; Such, for example, a company with a positive reputation for miracles, I will have the opportunity to work effectively and happy.
Since my colleague here, a few of society, and all of them very positive.
the right company to work with him, about a mile away, and admiration for the employment of managers can view images and research means that we will have to rely on waffle. If you live on a few selected topics, the next step is to meditate; This is a great, mediocre response.

If you thought only after ensuring that you do not end up with a good answer, the best candidate. So, instead of enjoying the company is a success, you need to show how to complement their abilities, and his views.

Ultimately, the goal of each company with the necessary experience and skills, and interview question: "Why not make any difference if you want to Job.

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