Facebook Job Search Feature Event How to Use it?

Your next job offer did not come to the newsfeed.

As of Wednesday, the number of Facebook users in the US and Canada in search of a public network, the Internet, and be able to apply for the job directly from the mobile app.

It operates through: a new feature, the company is no other way just as easily, they can publish records of their work. postings reside in two places: the company's own Facebook page, plus a new "work" in accordance with section. (You can not go live for all users, it is possible that the left-hand column under the "Research" section, should be able to find a link.)

If you see a placement on your own behalf, and you have all kinds of public, educational and employment history, and to ensure the pre-population leads to a page can be used: "Amy" button; If you then send the information, we can make changes before submitting entity. There is no place to upload your resume and cover letter, while the 1000-character text field, style short.

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