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For the business and administrative jobs
Play Holihed Holihed, Aguilera insists on the children's game is a dynamic voluntary sector organization. We, the parents, teachers and local residents in conjunction with the day-free, offers great opportunities and programs.

Holihed currently working on two parallel programs Play:

Come to the "Play", the school will be removed temporarily or permanently, often struggle with the very real needs of parents and carers of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions and / or the public, as well as mental health issues and is addressing. Our "Skills" on the construction project, and the protection and prevention programs, the work to be good, and not the father, mother and family isolated families come out to support groups "." Play "has been supported by the Big Lottery is an annual program.

"PILOT '= learning and teaching in the open air on the edge of the additional educational services" with "Holihed offers a new service for children and youth Play. We are now training a blessing it is difficult for local governments and schools by the young for the part-time locate the offer.

We now have sufficient knowledge and experience and will search the applicant and the conduct of the business have the opportunity time for the fun part:

lively and enthusiastic, and the fast pace of work and business opportunities
Be always happy to work in a changing environment
Display of participation, performance and excellent work ethics
4.'s Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint until at least the middle of being ready to use (can be tested in this interview
There is a strong budgeting, financial forecasting and financial experience
Be familiar with the Internet and Web-based applications
To learn new systems quickly and be active
Listening and short notes to hear what conclusions can be tested in this (interview)
grammar and punctuation will be tested in a very good standard (this interview)
relationships with customers in good order and experience
that he was a caring and considerate of others

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