Main work performance

Main work performance

2. SYNOPSIS • Performance at work • Performance at task • Conceptual performance • Articles • Performance measures • Conclusion
3. EMPLOYMENT PERFORMANCE performance job performance was defined as the expected overall value of employee behaviors implemented over a period of time.  Performance is a property of behavior, or, clearly, what people do at work The behavior of an employee adds the value expected to the organization Borman and Motowidlo (1993) identified two types of employee behavior necessary to Organizational effectiveness I. Execution of tasks  II. Contextual performance
4. PERFORMANCE OF TASKS performance The performance of tasks was defined as the efficiency with which the incumbents perform activities that contribute to the technical core of the organization. In other words, the execution of a task refers to behaviors that are directly related to the production of a good or service. Performance The people performing the tasks do exactly what is expected.  Requirements vary from job to job. Individual differences related to abilities and knowledge.  Activities that are part of the job description.
 by supporting the social and psychological climate of the workplace. Examples include cooperation with teammates, conflict resolution and cleaning of the conference room. . Individual differences related to personality. The activities are not part of the job description.  Supports the organizational environment.
6. ARTICLES ON WORK PERFORMANCE ARTICLE n °: 1 Author: ROBERT BULLOCK Date: 14-Jun-2013 Posted in: The website of the coffee consultant. Analysis:  Evaluating performance based on employee behaviors rather than results allows us to better understand the characteristics and processes of employees that contribute to the effectiveness of the organization. Professional performance can help you in different ways. Avoiding the use of results and focusing on behaviors
7. ITEM NUMBER: 2 Author: Joyce Hogan Date: 27-Jan-2014 Posted in: website Analysis: Important Factors in Work Performance - Creativity, Leadership, Integrity Attendance and cooperation are related to personality, not intelligence. Skills Interpersonal skills are another predictor of job performance. Performance Contextual performance also leads to good work performance. Performance Contextual performance means going beyond mere professional performance, such as volunteering, extra effort, cooperation, adherence to rules and procedures, and approval of organizational goals.
8. More ... ARTICLE 3 Author: Jae vanden Berghe Date: 21 May 2011 Published in: website thesus.afi Analysis: "Work performance can be defined as" all the behaviors that employees adopt when they are at work. job ". IstorHistorically, three approaches have been used to define dimensions of work performance. Depending on the results. Depending on the behavior. According to the personal traits.
9. More ... ARTICLE No: 4 Author: walter c.borman Date: 13-Nov-2009 Posted in: Website tandfonline Analyze: "This article describes a theory of performance at work that assumes that performance is behavioral, episodic, evaluative, and multidimensional. It defines the performance of tasks as an aggregated value for the organization of discrete behavioral episodes that an individual performs over a standard time interval. Aspect An important aspect of this theory is that it predicts that the types of knowledge, skills, work habits, and traits associated with task performance differ from those associated with contextual performance.
10. ARTICLE N °: 5 Author: Korkaew Jankingthong and Suthinee Rurkkhum Date: 26-Aug-2012 Published in: website Analysis: "The study aims to examine existing studies to study factors affecting performance. professional. The results of this study reveal that transformational leadership, organizational justice, engagement at work, and PSM have direct effects on tasks and contextual performance. LeadershipTransformational leadership, however, has an indirect effect on task and contextual performance through organizational justice,

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