Pharma industry Looking for a job? Glenmark Pharmaceuticals jobs

Research triangle PARK - Greater Charlotte region's largest pharmaceutical producer in North Carolina Biotechnology Center's monthly Jobs Network, the event brought a great message, "willing to help" search for employment, retraining and help meet its rapidly growing demand to give.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, an India-based global pharmaceutical company, in its $ 100 million Monroe campus since June, and the first US Food and Drug Administration would go to one of North Carolina, and his medicine on the market to increase the production is coming to the United States.

As a result, the company employed 160 people in order to replenish a lot of progress, "activity" for a few months, including 50 with more than 70 workers, and day and night, and hopes to start production.

Representatives of the company, 12:30 p.m. From the public to participate in the event, Jobs Network of the action plan Monday, 25 modified-Harris, North Carolina Biotechnology Center. During the trip, hoping to get answers they are looking for work.

The company is particularly interested in:

Industry operators
And engineering and management and support services
Project management, engineers, mechanics, organizers and Technicians
Quality control and management of Microbiology and support
Stability, quality, raw materials and finished products
Quality Assurance Management and Support
In-Process Quality Assurance and Quality System Quality Management
Candidates with experience in pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical manufacturing oral solid dosage and sterile products are also preferred, with knowledge. If the second and third shift employees are looking for, especially, the need for all the factions.

Glenmark is located in the city of Mumbai, with activities in over 80 countries worldwide is an innovative pharmaceutical company. In 2014, for its first North American manufacturing facility has purchased 15 acres of Monroe site. The company will continue with plans for further development of the original 102,000-square-foot facility near Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport Monroe, bordering the site of the Center for Legal and five flat, and has invested more than $ 100 million, and more.

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