Work tables were twice as likely to die early

Unable to sit on a desk or a bed, and not too much time, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine History, can increase the risk of premature death.

People sitting on the desk at work all day long, in fact, according to the study, and even earlier, regular exercise and found to be twice as dead.

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Columbia University researcher Keith Diaz and training, research, and ask them to wear on their hip accelerometer to control the movement of 8,000 people over the age of 45. After 10 days, the study of life in a 16-hour day, found that approximately 12.3 hours. So, basically, if you are alert, you may be busy for a day, approximately 77 percent.

After four years, the participants of time sitting, as well as other factors that may have died during the study, after considering the time showed a similar advantage.

In fact, sitting is the new tobacco, "Baikonur" Free / Weill Cornell Medical Center physician and researcher Monika Safford, in a release.

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At the same time, you think, biting fingernails, the real crisis rocking, writers, and is one of the people sitting for a long time, and then every 30 minutes to help reduce the risk of you, I think you need to create a movement around.

"We have only one sitting, we cut back on the amount of work, but creative ways to ensure the continuous increase in bursts, but should," Safford said.

Or, perhaps, the same tables that will save us all.

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