Jobs in Oslo Court Court

Administrative staff
What causes the case worker
Work habits are business and abundance, and work is very different and different. Most work is linked to judgment in the form of preparation and follow-up, and close cooperation with the judge. Case officials work in the legal and travel divisions.

Why use the position as a case manager?
Working in a large case gives you an understanding of the work of the court. You have gained extensive experience from many different types of cases and problems. You have also been educated and involved in social work in meaningful work.

What do you want?
To work well, you need to have brain functioning and flexibility, can work with different types of people and have the ability to work efficiently and effectively. It is useful to have some work experience, but we also support students with a bachelor's degree in applied field.

Deputy judge
What does a judge do?
Police officers are law-abiding and hired at a limited time in a district court. Judges are considering civil and criminal cases.

Why use the position as a judge?
As a judge, you have gained extensive experience from different types and cases. You also gain valuable experience at the Supreme Court meeting and in the decision-making process. Position as a judge gives good advice for police work and court work. In addition, you will gain insight into how a lawyer and an attorney work.

What do you want?
When hiring a judge, emphasize the level of legal education and post-project work. Professional experience before and during education can be important. Applicants must have the ability to work independently and collaboratively, and have the ability to present well written and well written.

What does the administration do?
The Administrative Division includes the support and facilitation of political business, and the relationship with the legal department.

The administration of the Oslo City District consists of 5 parts:
Accounting and accounting sections pay and pay expenses related to the case and are responsible for the financial settlement in the case of judgment. They also have the responsibility to pay employees, monitor / budget and guide / training in accounting.

The HR section is responsible for managers and staff involved in tracking disorders, employment, capacity development, local employment and general employment conditions.

The communications and health sectors support the Oslo City Office and the Oslo Office of Media and Media Management, and is responsible for internal and external communication measures.

The security and service sectors are responsible for security, access control and fire protection. They also have access to and general services in the Oslo courts, the Borgarting Court of Appeal and Namsfogte.

Tinghusservice operates the operation of the People's Court. This section includes purchasing technical equipment, technical support, IT work, office work, legal services and monitoring services.

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