Department Stores, Supermarkets, Online Stores: Retail has never been so diverse. With nearly 10% of all employment in the UK, it is an important part of our economy and, despite recessions, should continue to thrive.

With regard to careers in retail, there are many options. From learning to graduate programs, everyone is welcome - especially those who are familiar with the Internet (because of the growth of online retail platforms). This diversity and breadth of people define the retail environment - which of course is a business of people like you and me. As the old saying goes, "the customer always knows better" and, with that motto in mind, climbing the career ladder in retail will prove to be less of a mad trolley ride than buying more. structured.

Those who work in the shops are the lifeblood of the retail industry: from sales advisors to refrigerated food service agents to bakers who bake fresh bread every day. Without these employees, the British public would not be able to do their weekly shopping, to indulge in retail therapy or a kit for their new home.

Working in stores has a myriad of benefits, including the flexibility of the work available. The retail trade is home to teenagers looking for work on Saturdays, students needing a shift when they return from college, moms looking to return to work (but still need to be back in time to get their children back to school), and of course a multitude of full-time employees. With many shops and supermarkets open 12 hours a day (or more), shift work is common, both for day and night work (especially for 24-hour supermarkets). Another benefit, to which many people may not immediately think, lies in the helpful discounts given to staff by many roles: 20% discount on your weekly store can really help the budget!

Sales advisers

This role is entirely customer-centric. The role of the sales representative is to ensure that the customer receives all the help he needs, as well as advice (if any), and is of course encouraged to buy in-store. Interpersonal skills are therefore essential, as is a playful attitude and a winning attitude.

Depending on the role, a retail experience is usually desired - whether it has been acquired in a part-time or temporary position. The role of Sales Advisor can vary from one store to another: in some positions you will receive an annual salary and you will have to help customers when they want to, work directly on the fund that serves them or ensure that the store be tidy. and well stocked. Other roles, however, may put more emphasis on the sale aspect of the title: here you have the opportunity to earn a commission on every sale you make. This means that even if your base salary can be lower than a non-commissioned position, you will have the option to supplement it with a commission based on the sale and sometimes bonuses (to reach targets). For this type of work, you must be able to convince customers to make purchases and meet their needs to ensure you make regular sales.


Managers are responsible for ensuring that a store operates efficiently and is as cost effective as possible. To become a manager or assistant manager in retail, you must have experience managing a team of sales consultants in a supervisory or executive position. Managers have the responsibility to ensure that the best possible customer service is provided not only by themselves, but also by their team. Therefore, motivating and coaching your team to achieve sales goals is often a vital part of that role.

Store managers are often the first point of contact for customers - good and bad - so you need to be ready to solve problems and appease disgruntled customers, and to advise and assist in a friendly way (sometimes even at the same time!) . However, Manager's tasks are not unique to the shop floor: training and development, analyzing sales data, organizing special promotions and interpreting trends can be an integral part of the job. Of course, this range of responsibilities is rewarded naturally. If you have a lot of experience in retail and an irrepressible team spirit, this might interest you.

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